HKO map29 Twinkle Pass labeled

A crossroad you will often cross when questing for NPCs in Beijing. Be careful because this area is full of lively creatures. You may also need crystal petals rather often for your endgame.


  • Punch Bunny (Level 25), drops: punch bunny's luck (11$), punch bunny's bandage (6$), punch bunny's charm (14 $)
  • Turple (Level 24), drops: turple's defense (8$), turple's essence (11$)
  • Pandachi (Level 26), drops: panda's chi (6$), panda's present (13$), panda's comfort (18$)


Plucking/Gathering + Woodcutting:

  • Bamboo (12): bamboo, short sticks, withered leaves, bamboo fibers, sharp leaves
  • Golden moonstalk (12 ): moonfruit, dry stalk, withered leaves, withered fruit, golden splinters


  • Florapod (12): sweet nuts, shrivelled leaves, withered leaves


  • Crystallized rose (12): crystal petal, jet, small red pebbles

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