HKO map25 The Prairie labeled

This area isn't easy to cross but you will need to do this a few times. Better whack the gorillos before they whack you :D Also be prepared to hunt gorillos to craft strong bendy material later on.



  • Gorillo (Level 24), drops: gorillo's anger (crafting-material to make strong bendy maerial, 3$), gorillo's treasure (15$), gorillo's song (8$)
  • Gorillo Leader (Level 25), drops: gorillo's eyedrop (6$), gorillo's treasure (15$), gorillo's spell (245$)
  • Pong Pong (Level 22), drops: pong's treasure (70$), pong's eyedrop (8$)
  • Ping Pong (Level 23), drops: pong's treasure (70$), pong's eyedrop (8$)



  • Giant Lily (9): pink lily, roots, caterpillar

Woodcutting and Plucking/Gathering:

  • Pink Kaolit Tree (8): kaolit flowers, caterpillar, roots, withered roots


  • Rainbow rock (8): purple gem, purple crystal, rainbow stone

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