Start NPC: Cupid in Paris.


Cupid Says:

"This is my last plea, dear friend

The Last request I'll be making you

Match couples, follow the trend

Bring back love that's true

London, Paris, even Florapolis

Bring back star-crossed lovers, please?

A point of exclamation you'll see

When you hear a lover's plea

A not of thanks will be given

When dots of lovers connect

Five of these I need

To finish the matchmaking deed."

Requirement: 5 Thank you Letters

Reward: HKO Exp 9,000; Money 15,000; Paris Friendship 3,000; 5th Day Key

The five couples are:

1. Piano and Harinezumi, both in Paris

Piano Harinezumi

2. Coro and Daisy, both in Florapolis

Coro Daisy

3. Chum and Tippy, both in London


4. Melody and Pochacco, both in Paris

Melody PochaccoParis

5. Fifi and Chippy, both in London


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