HKO Quests shh its a surprise30

Quest Name: Shhh... It's a Surprise!

NPC that Starts Quest: Dear Daniel

Description: Thanks to you, Dear Daniel is now awake! He would like you to help him gather materials for his secret present for Hello Kitty. Find the materials and bring him 20 Creeping Oxalis from the Sun Grass Plant in South Wind Grassland and 20 Black Nightshade from the Black Nightshade Plant in South Wind Grassland and give it back to Dear Daniel.

Quest Walkthrough Edit

This will take you a while for two reasons. Both of these drops are fairly rare, and you'll have to find a safe place to gather. The best place I believe this to be is at the top left of the map. Up on that hill where the Pyrodon is. It is filled with Sun Grass, and you can easily dodge the Pyrodon. Around this ledge is Black Nightshade. 2 of them are safe, and one is semi-safe. Just pay attention to the monsters and you should be fine. Once you've gathered 20 of each, find a monster and let it put you to sleep so you can return to London faster. Then talk to Dear Daniel.

Reward Edit

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