Explanatory note: This quest is not in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-quest of 2008.

Start NPC: Sakura, Florapolis

Description: The high quality cotton can be found from the windbell trees in the West of the Dream Land. The pearls are available in the ores at north. The cat's-eye stone and the tiger's-eye stone should be mined in the east.


  • 600 HKO Experience
  • 20 Florapolis friendship
  • 100 Money

Previous Quest: Sakura's tailoring lesson 3

Next Quest:

Walkthrough: The High quality cotton is located in West of the Dream Land and the pearls are in West of the misty land, mined from clay. The stones can be mined in East of the Dream Land, from coal and copper, respectively.

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