Explanatory note: This quest is not in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-quest of 2008. Bagle cannot be found in London anymore, and Gan-chan has been renamed to Ganchan giving out different quests now. All contents that may not be suitable for children like life-threatening dangers have been removed from the game before release in 2009 since neither creatures nor NPCs/characters can die now anymore in the present HKO-version.

Start NPC: Bagle(at London), London

Description: Find Purin's Mama to save the Bagle's (In London) life.


Previous Quest: The Anger of Gan-chan

Next Quest: Purin's Mama's Honey Tea 2

Walkthrough: Go to Florapolis and talk to Purin's Mama in Purin's Coffee.

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