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Pompom Purin can be found ingame in HKO in Purin's house (to the top right on the map) in Florapolis. But to enter you will first have to discover a key for his door by doing some quests. Purin not only has quests for you, but also a minigame that is quite tricky! You can meet Purin at the Dream Carnival as well, where he can't provide you with other minigames, but with quests at least.

Purin, the "pudding dog", was born on April 16th 1996 on a very bright sunny day. He is a good-natured Golden Retriever, and lives in a special "Purin-sized"-basket in a girl's house near the front door. He can never be seen without his brown beret. His dream is to grow up and becoming a big dog, like his parents - or even bigger! His favorite phrase is: "I'm going out", as he likes taking walks with his best friend the hamster Muffin or to meet his friends Scone and Bagel. There is a bird among his friends that loves to steal Purin's beret.

When he's not going out, Purin's taking long naps in his basket or loves to drink milk and eat pudding or other soft foods. He collects shoes and hides them one by one, like the leather shoes of Papa or Mamas sandals. He can also do some "Purin (pudding) Aerobics" and is so friendly that he can befriend just anyone. Purin has a laid-back character and also cheerful, but he does not like to stay home to watch the house or to hear the phrase: "Nobody home".

The character of Purin was brought to life by Sanrio in 1996. Purin is a very popular Sanrio character.