HKO map18 Paris labeled

Paris is the pastel-colored city of music. Some of the famous buildings of the real-world-Paris can also be found in Sanrio Land - looking quite different in the game of course.

You will get a boxpig-card later on in Paris and learn how to breed pets ("mix" two specifically pet-cards). The quests are constantly getting more challenging, so please search for quests also in the surrounding areas of Paris, as well as visit every house now and again. You will have to craft all your tools now and gather even more materials than ever before.


There may also be other NPCs on this map in time of events

  • Party Master (will trade your collected event-items for stuff like event-outfits, seeds, guides and so on)


  • there is also a second Food-Shop at the station of Sunbright Express (exactly the same as in the city)

Connects toEdit




none, since it's a city


none, since it's a city

Notes and HintsEdit

You can find Tippy for right outside of Paris in West Sun Land to the northwest (up left). You can find Thomas even further away in West Stars Plain. And you can find Landry in The Prairie.

The city as it has been in Beta 2008Edit


Map of Paris



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