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You can find Oyakata ingame in HKO at the west side of London in Oyakata's House. His house is locked and you will first have to discover the key to be able to open it. Only Oyakata knows how to make orange doughnuts, so you will have to solve other quests first before reaching Oyakata and learning the cooking guide for orange doughnuts from him.

Oyakata is a wise and busy Master chef who teaches bread-making, shop-keeping, but also flower-arranging and other stuff concerning a nice looking shop. Oyakata teaches his students well and works hard for this. He is quite the hero for his students. Sometimes Oyakata is strict to his students, but he also has a kind heart and can be lenient too. Oyakata was born on October 18th.

The character Oyakata belongs to the "Chocopanda" friends, devised by Sanrio in the year 2000.

In the Beta of 2008 Oyakata was also a NPC located inside of Oyakata's House.

Quest(s) in 2008:

Chef's Creation 1


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