HKO NPC Hello Kitty78
HKO NPC Badtz Maru01
HKO Melody Birthday Event

"NPC" is short for "Non-Player-Characters". It's a common term in RPGs (role playing games) and MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing games). Most often the word "NPC" is only used for peaceful entities belonging to intelligent races/peoples, while "mob" (moving object) is more often used for "animals" or "monsters" in computer-based RPGs.

In Sanrio Land you will meet well-known and also not-so-well-known characters from the brand/label and imaginative world of "Hello Kitty". Nearly every character in the "world" of Hello Kitty is a talking animal, wearing clothes and behaving like a human would.

The world and characters of Hello Kitty were first only designed as a brand/label for lots of different products, but also made into a television-anime-series and several games. The characters were then given more details like birthday-dates and -places, different personalities, daily activities like going to school or running a coffeeshop (serving coffee of course), favorite food, hobbies like doing sports and so on.

Most of the NPCs on Sanrio Land will provide you with Quests in HKO to lead you to the goal of the game - of freeing the sleeping NPCs and Hello Kitty herself.

HKO NPC Cinnamon70
HKO NPC Chococat01
HKO NPC Pochacco46
HKO NPC Nyoko04
HKO NPC Margaret Anthony013
HKO NPC Santa01
HKO NPC Cupid03
HKO NPC Guardian Trickywoo80
HKO NPC Food Shop16
HKO Glad Hatter01
HKO Keroppis Papa9232
HKO Molekichi4026

Special NPCs and Merchants Edit

Event-NPCs Edit

Dream Carnival Edit

Sanrio Harbour Edit

HKO New York Man
HKO NPC Kappi02

Florapolis Edit

HKO NPC Pinkuru55
HKO NPC Cho-cho05

London Edit

HKO NPC Mimmy22
HKO NPC Tensan01

- and who could be there in the locked Golden Palace? Try to guess!

Paris Edit

HKO NPC Harinezumi14
HKO NPC Melodys Grandma Grandpa01

Beijing Edit

HKO Pochi Weihnachten
HKO NPC Deery-Lou01
HKO NPC Pau Pipo05
HKO NPC Ku-suke50

New York Edit

Wind pathway Edit

HKO NPC Cookiebow50

Middle Secret Peak Edit

North Secret Peak Edit

HKO NPC Tippy013

West Sun Land Edit

West Stars Plain Edit

HKO NPC Landry042

The Prairie Edit

North Wind Grassland Edit

HKO NPC Policeman39

West Zodiac Pass Edit

Celestial Plain Edit

HKO NPC Piichans02

Jersey Trails Edit

Bronx Outskirts Edit

List of NPCs by Location as of 2008Edit

Sanrio Harbour




South Dream Forest

West Dream Forest

Wind pathway

South Secret Peak

Middle Secret Peak

North Secret Peak

South Wind Grassland

North Wind Grassland

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