Description Edit

Monster Wrangler is part of the "Building New York" Founders Beta event. You can get started by talking to Keroleen in Paris. She wants players to find her lost pets.

Keroleen has lost her pets. They are scattered all over Sanrio Land and you have to find them. Take clues from the name she gave them. They will probably resist, so be prepared to defend yourself! Once you give Keroleen the collars, they will surely return to her. Help her reunite with her beloved pets.

Requirement Edit

Get Speedy's collar x 1
Get Eagor's Collar x 1
Get Lobo's collar x 1
Get Webster's collar x 1

Reward Edit

  • Money: $3000 (Note: Some people have reported that they are not getting the money)
  • T-Rex Card * 1
  • Liberty Key * 1

Walkthrough Edit

Speedy - Hedgehog, West Florapolis Valley

Eagor - Eagle, East Dream Land

Lobo - Wolf, Middle Secret Peak

Webster - Spider, West Dream Forest

(All monsters are level 20, with 3 minute respawn.)

Note Edit

It is recommended that players be at least lvl 15 (and able to travel to Paris alone) before attempting this quest because the monsters are tougher than average and will attack you (but only will attack if provoked). Read the official HKO event blog for the official rules to be commemorated in the finished town New York. Like the last event, this involves taking a screenshot of your inventory and emailing it. Read the event blog for precise instructions!

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