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You will find Oyama no Monkichi ingame in HKO in the Banana Theatre in Beijing. He will first need your help to wake up and then will make you do some stuff for him, just like nearly everyone else on Sanrio Land does.

This monkey was born on January 13th on a little mountain in Japan and is named after the english word "monkey". Monkichi's full name means "monkey of the mountain" in Japanese. He is an optimistic little fellow who loves jokes, entertains everyone with stories and poems, but he also always comes up with rather bad jokes and gets carried away easily.

Oyamano Monkichi lives in the mountains with all his friends. His dream is to become a poet or even a professional comedian. This funny monkey is the only one who can eat ten bananas in one minute. Because he is a Japanese monkey, he has a bright red bottom and bulging eyes - especially when he looks surprised.

Monkichi was devised by Sanrio designers in 1991.

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