NPC Mameta01
HKO NPC Mameta66

You can meet Mameta ingame in HKO in Beijing, in front of the Bubble Dome, that is locked. He would like you to hand out his cookies for free - even though they are not edible... But he is also a helpful lad later on.

Mameta is a male Labrador and was born on December 31st. He is small, but has a big heart. Even though he might get a little scared sometimes also. Mameta lives in a basket with a cushion, likes to play hide-and-seek and also to find new places for hiding his treasures.

This small dog is friends with Chibimaru and his bunch - Kuusuke, Chiwapyon and Terikichi, who admires Mameta. Mameta loves to stroll past his favorite bakery that has a sweet-smelling aroma. His favorite dogs are Bulldogs, because they look so tough.

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