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There are 38 areas (also called "maps") to explore in Sanrio Land as of March 2011. Tokyo and some of its surrounding areas are expected to be added to it "soon". Tokyo has already been announced for summer 2010 though. Instead the Dream Carnival was added as a new Newbie-area in the meanwhile. Also New York and two other areas have been added on January 24th 2011 after New York has been used for events even before that in late 2010. At event-times additional areas might still be added to the game for a limited time, like the Winter wonderland or Mole hideouts.

Six of the permanent 38 areas are called "cities" - including Sanrio Harbour, which has been the starting-area for a long time before the "Dream Carnival" was introduced. Sanrio Harbour features only few buildings but nearly as many quests as any other "real" city/town-realm. It also has its own station of the Sunlight express and is the most often used area for events - all that's why it is called a "city" even by official sources.

Beware! You may get in trouble while walking across most of the areas of Sanrio Land after leaving the Dream Carnival and Sanrio Harbour. Most of the (cute) creatures in HKO will attack your avatar/character when getting close to them - or when the creatures themselves will get closer to your character by moving around. Only the creatures in the Dream Carnival, in Sanrio Harbour (namely Starbeams, Pagurians, Snappers - except their 3 aggressive "bosses"), the Woollys in The Maze Plain and the Aerophants in South Sun Land (also even their green "boss") are non-aggressive. Also the Chillyhounds in Jersey Trails, most of the creatures in New York and all of the Penguins in Bronx Outskirts will be peaceful until you attack them.

The aggro-range of creatures will decline whenever your character raises its general char-level - by questing, gathering recources and crafting. So it will get easier for you in time to avoid fighting when walking past creatures. Also your character will gain better defense-stats and fighting-stats by wearing equipment of higher levels - which again requires certain minimum character levels. That's the way the game Hello Kitty Online makes you proceed slowly through the 38 areas of Sanrio Lands, as is typical for the gameplay of many RPGs and MMORPGs.


Dream Carnival

Starting area - you can't go back there once you leave the Dream Carnival for Sanrio Harbour / Sanrio Land


HKO Weltkarte Mai 2010 1b

Sanrio Harbour Edit

  • resources: shamrock (1) (gathering), dark opal basil (1) (gathering), spiral wood (2) (woodcutting), bush (1) (woodcutting)

Florapolis Edit

London Edit

Paris Edit

Beijing Edit

New York Edit

(An important note: creatures in New York cannot be "fought" with normal wands, you'll need special sparklers to "cheer them up". Get your first sparklers starting with quests from Badtsunko and Roberta in Jersey Trails)

  • resources: frostshells (1) (gathering), Pile o' Trunks (1) (mining) - 10 of those piles in New York (+ 1 NPC-Trunk)

Tokyo - will be introduced someday later

Moscow - was ingame only in Beta

Wildernis AreasEdit

thumb|right|450px|Sanrio Land - not the actual version of 2011 though!

South Dream Forest

East Dream Forest

East Misty Land

West Dream Forest

West Misty Land

East Florapolis Valley

West Florapolis Valley

West Dream Land

East Dream Land

Wind Pathway

South Secret Peak

Middle Secret Peak

North Secret Peak

South Wind Grassland

South Sun Land

West Sun Land

The Rainbow Plain

East Stars Plain

West Stars Plain

The Maze Plain

  • creatures: Woolly (23)
  • resources: red wood (10) (woodcutting), moonstalk (10) (woodcutting), starlight rock (9) (mining)

The Prairie

North Wind Grassland

Valley of Wishes

Twinkle Pass

West Zodiac Pass

East Zodiac Pass

Celestial Plain

South Sparkling Terraces

  • creatures: Fireon (26), 1 Chilleon (17), Firesnake (28)
  • resources: dwarf poplar (13) (gathering / woodcutting), wild fern (12) (gathering / woodcutting), ginseng (13) (gathering / woodcutting), amethyst rock (14) (mining), starbright rock (14) (mining)

North Sparkling Terraces

  • creatures: Banana Kart (27)
  • resources: tadpole plant (13) (gathering), golden spore tree (12) (gathering / woodcutting), starbright rock (14) (mining)

Jersey Trails

Bronx Outskirts

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