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You can discover Landry in The Prairie ingame in HKO. You will have to walk a long way to reach him and his living-area is quite the dangerous one. He would like you to help him clean stuff - with a minigame.

This small boy racoon lives in a wash basin and also washes everything he can hold. He is a little cheeky and loves to eat - donuts, nuts, ice-cream and sausages; but his most favorite food is chocolate. Landry was born on December 8th and is skilled in acrobatics.

His hobbies are dancing, balancing on a basin and running on top of his tub, but also sliding and taking his rubber-ducky Pea on walks (also written Pii), who goes "pea" when squeezed. Landry likes to listen to Mozart-tunes and other classical music. He has three stripes on his tail, that is 30 cm long and feels like mink.

Landry was devised by Sanrio designers in 1999.

In 2008 Landry was a quest-giving NPC in Sanrio Harbour, in the far right area of the map, near the forest with trees that have eyes.

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