HKO NPCs Lala01

HKO Lala42
HKO NPC Lala80

Lala can be found ingame in HKO in Paris in the Pantheon, together with her twin brother Kiki. The Pantheon is not locked, so you can visit Lala and her brother anytime you wish. Lala will give some quite important quests to you. Also search for her at the Dream carnival; she needs your help.

Lala and Kiki went to visit the earth with permission from Mother Star and Father Star, Lala's wand led them the way. Both twins like to spread happiness to everyone they meet. Lala not only loves drawing, cooking and writing poetry, but also likes to write letters to her parents floating on a cloud in the clear (winter) sky. Lala prefers the seasons fall and winter best, unlike her brother Kiki.

The twin stars were devised by Sanrio in 1975.

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