HKO L'Opera NPC Melodys Papa01

The L'Opera de Paris is located ingame in HKO of course in ... Paris. Of course you knew that! It is another one of the several locked buildings on Sanrio Land, and you can find the key with the help of Melody's Mama. Who is sleeping inside the Opera house? It's Melody's Papa - and he can help you with making new tools.

The Paris Opéra is a neo-baroque building designed by the architect Charles Garnier (1825–1898)in Paris, France, and was home of the Opera of Paris from 1875 to 1989. The "Opéra de Paris" or "Opéra Garnier" is now known as "The Palais Garnier", because the opera company chose the Opéra Bastille as their primary theatre in 1978. Until then the Palais Garnier was called Académie Nationale de Musique, Théâtre de l'Opéra.

This opera-house is also known to have inspired the author Gaston Leroux to write "The Phantom of the Opera" in 1909, since there was an accident in 1896, when a part of the grand chandelier fell down and even killed a person. The opera house has many long corridors, landings, alcoves and stairwells, richely decorated with gold leaf, velvet and small images of nymphs and cherubim.

The Palais Garnier also really has many cellars and even still has its underground lake. But it is an artificial lake in reality, taking in the water from the swampy underground, it has to be controlled and pumped out by the fire department periodically.

The Palais Garnier was one of the buildings initiated by Napoleon III in the great Parisian reconstruction and commissioned in 1858 to Baron Haussmann, who held an competition for it in 1861, that was won by Charles Garnier. The foundation stone was put down in 1861. The ground was extremely swampy, because there was a subterranean lake that had to be pumped-out first. Wars were also hindering the construction.

The old Parisian Opera, the Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique, burned down on October 29th 1873. So the government had to complete the Palais Garnier a bit faster and inaugurated it on January 15th in 1875 with a gala performance of the ballet company. In 1994 it had to be restorated with modern stage machinery and electrical facilities, also restoring the décor and amplifying the foundation. The laborious restoration took until 2007.

The building has 2.200 seats for the audience. The central chandelier weighs over 6 tons. The large stage can carry 450 artists. The Palais is very opulentely decorated with statues (showing characters from greek mythology), columns, friezes made of marble, with bronze busts of great international composers, and with three famous statues on the central roof made by Aimé Millet, but also many other smaller statues all over the facade and roof.

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