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You can find the hamster Corocoro Kuririn in Kuririn's house in Florapolis. But his house is locked, so you will have to seek the key first (by solving quests in Florapolis) to wake him up from his sleep. He will teach you how to sew clothes and give you sewing-related quests.

Yes, Kuririn is a boy, despite his very cute look and big eyes. He was born on February 4th - well, at least this was the day he found his girl-owner. Kuririn was probably born in a pet store. He is a golden hamster who likes to collect stuff to make playhouses. Sakura is his girlfriend and just as cute as Kuririn; they both love to go exploring when noone is looking, seeking collectible things like seeds or buttons, that Kuririn then hides in the tissue-paper-bed of his.

Kuririn often wears a flower hat, likes cherry blossoms a lot and loves to eat cookies, sunflower seeds as well as other seeds. He can chew on nearly everything (like real hamsters do), even excels at speed-nibbling and can fit into very small spaces. Kuririns personality is very curious, he can be a rascal sometimes, laid-back too, but also a little timid like most hamsters are.

Family: Kuririn and Sakura recently had children - 7 of them, and all were born on October 8th. They are called Chibikuri (the eldest son with a secret hideaway and a small flower-hat), Komachi (lives at Ken's house, loves to scamper about and often dashes somewhere when taking a walk), Kurumi (lives at Rina's house, can make nice beds out of newspapers, is cheeky and loves to make jokes), Cherry (who loves to eat and to wear a small pink flower on her head), Chingo (large and a bit plump, but always actively running in his running-wheel. Lives at Nami`s house), Milk (lives in Miki`s house, loves her chewing-post and likes to go to sleep curling-up in peoples hands) and Chacha (who loves to be the center of attention and exercises a lot, he can stand on his head, climb into nooks and make lots of trouble).

The character of Kuririn was devised by Sanrio in 1998.

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