Materials will often be called "items" (somehow they are, no?), especially when gathering them or getting them as creature-drops. Materials are very important in Hello Kitty Online as crafting is very often needed to complete quests and of course to generally help you getting along.

Materials in Hello Kitty Online as of May 2010 can be obtained by:

  • gathering (plucking)
  • woodcutting (lumber)
  • mining (digging)
  • growing (and gathering/woodcutting) plants on your farm
  • putting creatures to sleep
  • some materials can be bought at shops in the city
  • special materials can be available only in times of events
  • some materials (like seeds to plant them on your farm) can also be bought via item-shop
  • and of course trading again with other users

For a list of all materials in which resources with their level and location please click here: resources

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