This Quest has been up for an event that is now not longer active/going on in HKO.

Description Edit

He will ask the player for a LOT of fruits and vegetables. He will ask you for 10 Oat biscuits, 10 Tangerine Juices, 21 Roast Vegetables, 20 Corn, 15 Salvia biscuits, 20 Roots, and 10 Sweet potatos.

Requirement Edit

Get Oat biscuit x 10
Get Tangerine drink x 10
Get Roast vegetables x 21
Get Corn x 20
Get Salvia biscuit x 15
Get Roots x 20
Get Sweet potato x 10

Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Note Edit

Hunger strike is part of the "Building New York" event, in which players participate by talking to Pochi. He will ask the player for a LOT of fruits and vegetables.

It's important to note that you need to read the official HKO event blog about how to officially "complete" this quest, that is if you want to be "a part" of the new town New York. Basically you need to take a screenshot and email it, but read the blog for the official instructions. :)

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