Explanatory note: This item will not be dropped by creatures in HKO currently anymore. Creatures on Sanrio Land (except on the new Newbieland Dream Carnival) do not drop guides nor clothings/hand-held-items/hairstyles of any kind currently anymore.

Honey drink isn't dropped anymore in HKO of 2011. Now it's a food you can cook by using a Cooking-guide from Florapolis. To cook 5 honey drink you will need: 2 magic spices, 5 precious honey and 5 clean spring water (= HKO-$ 43). One Honey drink heals 35 action, is lvl 2, and a cooking-guide lvl 2 is needed, which can be bought from the food merchant Florapolis for HKO-$ 250.

Class: Item[[Guides}


Selling Price: 12$

Dropped by: Lynx

Needed for: ---

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