Explanatory note: This item is not in the game anymore in 2011 and will not be dropped by creatures in HKO currently. This entry describes a Beta-fact back in 2008.

Creatures on Sanrio Land (except on the new Newbieland Dream Carnival) do not drop guides nor clothings/hand-held-items/hairstyles of any kind currently anymore.

There is a similar item in the game HKO of 2011 though. It's called "Tea with honey". To make 5 tea with honey you'll need: 10 green tea, 8 honey, 4 water, 3 magic spice (which will cost HKO-$ 56). One tea with honey will heal 80 action-points. You'll need a cooking skill of lvl 4 and a guide of lvl 4 from the food merchant in London for HKO-$ 200.




Added Effect(s):

Sells for:


Produces x Honey Tea(s).

Obtained from: Lynx

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