"Something’s not right in Sanrio Land! Cupid needs your help!

Cupid, our ever-so-cute herald of Valentine’s Day, has gone missing! Looks like it’s up to the saviors of Christmas to keep the heart of Valentine’s Day beating."

Many of the quests start off in Paris.

Event Start: London, talk to Choco
Choco Event

Start here

End: Cupid

Quests Edit

Repairing Cupid

Hair-Raising Experience

Spreading the Love

History Edit

The Happy Hearts Event was the first time that open beta became available. HKO wanted to run a stress-test. Closed beta for this event started February 12th, 2009 and ended February 22nd, 2009. Originally, the event was scheduled to close the 17th but remained open the few extra days for the Helping Hearts Charity Event.

Screenshots from Closing Edit

Happy Hearts End1

HH end1

Happy Hearts End4

HH end 2

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