HKO Marathon! is a recurring event in Hello Kitty Online. It originally occurred during the game's closed beta phase, but in open beta it took place on November 5, 2009.


In HKO Marathon!, players compete in a race to receive a prize.


To celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty, we're running another marathon!

The prize for this event is the much-coveted Balloon Kids (1993) handheld item. This item was a prize from the giant pinata that was broken during Hello Kitty's birthday party and will be awarded to the first 50 finishers in the marathon!

The event will start inside the Sanrio Harbour Sunbright Express station at 8pm server time (Eastern time.) You are advised to get there 5-10 minutes early for the headcount and have time to warm up before the race starts!

The finish line is at South Secret Peak, in the Stonehenge area at the top of the map.

Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

Disclaimer: we realize that high volumes of players in the same area makes some folks more prone to lag and disconnecting. We apologize if this causes you to lose your place during the course of the event.


During the open beta event, the first 50 players to reach South Secret Peak received the Balloon Kids (1993) wand accessory via Item Delivery.

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