Explanatory note: This quest is not in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-quest of 2008.

There is a similar quest now in 2011, but not the same anymore, and it's PataPata Peppy in Florapolis who wants grains...

Start NPC: Scone, Florapolis

Description: Scone wants you to do his collecting work so that he can play with Purin. He needs 30 grains and 30 dandelions. You should find them in the west of Florapolis Valley.


Previous Quest: Key of cherry

Next Quest: Woodcutting, action!

Walkthrough: Collect 30 each of dandelions and grains in West of Florapolis Valley. Note! Scone wants you to get him 20 of both, Grains and Dandelions, but you actually need to gather 30 of both.

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