Hello I am new here at I do not know if this is the place to post it, so if it dosent just pass it to the right forum, I didnt find a suitable place. hope to move forward, it seems a good forum.

Hello to you too. Nice to meet you :) Well, to tell the truth this HKO-Wikia is as good as dead - and this forum hasn't been used since 2008... There is a new official english Wiki (following after the Aeriagames-Wiki that was stopped a short while ago) for HKO now: This HKO-Wikia is just a small project for a few free thinkers and a bunch of vandals now since the "new" Wiki that took over most of the Aeriagames-Wiki-entries 1:1 totally neglected the existence of the HKO-Wikia...
A new official Sanrio Town Forum about Hello Kitty Online exists as well. You can find it here: It's really active and used by lots of HKO-players every day. You'll have to log in on the main page with your HKO-account-name and -password to use it though.
Since the official forum's brand-new (it opened up on February 24th 2011) it now combines the old EU & International Sanrio Forums (including everything about HKO) and the old US-Sanrio & HKO-Forum. Its main language is English, but there should be threads & posts in other languages showing up from time to time too. You can "talk" about everything concerning HKO, quests, locations of stuff on Sanrio Land and Sanrio-services like the free Blogs and Minigames there. You can also find friends & guilds within the HKO-community, trade HKO-stuff like pet-cards or raw materials and lots of other stuff by using the official Sanrio Town Forum. Have fun and see you there ;) Eveaustria March 7th, 2011

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