HKO map12 East Dream Land labeled


  • Furtale (Level 13), drops: furtale's energy (3$), furtale's bandages (5$)
  • Golden Furtale (Level 14), drops: furtale's bandages (5$), furtale's energy (3$), furtale's treasure (70$)
  • Greenwing (Level 13), drops: greenwing's treasure (10$), greenwing's feather (4$), greenwing's little feather (3$)
  • Redwing (Level 14), drops: redwing's little feather (4$), redwing's pride (11$), redwing's feather (5$)


Mining (3):

  • Coal: coal, cat-eye stone, clump of mud
  • Copper (4): copper, copper fragments, tiger-eye stone

Connects toEdit



You can buy copper doodads in Paris and fine copper, copper haft & sharpened stone in Beijing, but you cannot buy clumps of mud anymore at any Material Merchant.

as it has been in Beta 2008Edit

East of the Dream Land

Map of East of the Dream Land




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