HKO map04 East Dream Forest labeled

You will be sent to East Dream Forest to collect drops from webleys for quests in Florapolis. Dartbees will give you honey just like Pinbees do. But if you want to take a break, you might try going to London - the Material Shop will sell you simple thread and also novice thread.


  • Dartbee (Level 6), drops: precious honey (food 5 action points, cooking-ingredient, 2$), dartbee's frills (2$), dartbee's fury (2$)
  • Webley (Level 5), drops: webley webs (crafting-material to make novice thread, 2$), damaged cobwebs (crafting-material to make simple thread, 2$), webley's spell (4$)
  • Fierce Webley (Level 8), drops: cobwebs (5$), thick cobwebs (9$)



  • Kaolit tree (3): short rattan, long rattan, long curvy vine

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Webley-cards can be bred in Paris together with pinbee-cards.

as it has been in Beta 2008Edit

East Dream Forest

Map of East Dream Forest




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