HKO a Boss Dark Hoverbell Card01 HKO a Dark Hoverbell0039HKO a Dark Hoverbell0022

Level: 22


  • 1 hoverbell's slime (value for the npc 3$), or
  • hoverbell's treasure (12$), or
  • 1 hoverbell's spell (crafting-material to make imbued silver, value for the npc 7$), or
  • 1 hoverbell's eyedrops (value for the npc 180$)



  • Char-Level 18 needed to use pet-card as a pet
  • +12 Life Points
  • +13 Action Points
  • +0 additional inventory slots
  • +10 Energy Drain (Attack)
  • +9 Defense
  • + Chance Critical Hit 0,13%
  • + Evading Rate 1,00%


  • Boss-creature, will sleep for approx. 2,5 minutes after being defeated
  • Found on the far right side of the map outside the fence directly below the exit to Paris in West Sun Land

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