Crafting is a very important activity in Hello Kitty Online, needed to complete most of the quests. There are no "classes", "tradeskills" or "professions" in Hello Kitty Online. Every character can and also has to use all existent gathering-skills and crafting-skills to complete the quests and reach the end of the storyline of HKO.

Quests ingame will teach you how to craft stuff very soon after starting the game.

Here's the whole procedure:

Learning crafting-skills:Edit

  • first of all you'll need a (blue) crafting-guide. You can either buy one or receive one after completing a quest. Mind that you will be given a lot of guides as quest-rewards, even if you can buy some of those same crafting-guides from merchants as well. Other guides can only be bought and are not available via quests. Here's a overview of all the quest-rewards on Sanrio Land: [File:]
    • before buying a guide, point your mouse-cursor over the icon of the guide (tooltip) to see if you have perhaps already learned this recipe!
    • you cannot buy nor learn (right-click) crafting-guides with higher levels than your current level of crafting according to the type of crafting. You can check your crafting-levels in your skill-window (type "s" or click on the top right icon for "character-information" and then the icon for "skills" at the bottom of this window)
  • right-click on the guide in your inventory to learn the recipe, it will vanish from your inventory but the recipe will be added to your "production-window" with this. Do not right-click the crafting-guide when still trading with the merchant or you might accidentally sell the guide; and if you're on your farm with an open storage-window, the crafting-guide will be stored in your storage instead of being learned...

How to craft items:Edit

  • after learning the crafting-skill from the guide please open the "production"-window to actually craft an item
    • (click the icon with the crossed vials to the right side or simply type "p" on your keyboard)
  • choose one of the different crafting-types: Forging, Carpentry, Cooking or Sewing
  • browse through the list of recipes in your production-window by scrolling down
  • then click on the recipe you wish to craft
  • take a look at the materials (and maybe components) needed - it's a list of icons in the lower half of the production-window. These icons don't show if you already own those materials or if you have them with you...
  • often you will have to first produce some components needed for an item and will afterwards have to assimilate those components to make the item you want
  • gather, grow or buy whatever materials you still need to craft the item and of course to craft all the components you need for crafting the item as well
  • you have to carry all materials you need for crafting in your inventory to process them (not in the inventory of your pet, in your farm-storage nor with the merchant!)

Skills and levels:Edit

Your crafting-skills will only rise by actually doing some crafting ingame, it can be raised up to level 8 at maximum. You can see the skill-bar filling itself more and more while crafting. Point the cursor on the bar to see the detailled count. When reaching higher crafting-levels please also produce some items of higher levels since low-level-crafting will earn you much fewer skill-points. Crafting will also give your character some overall experience-points. Your pet will not gain experience though.

As mentioned every guide/recipe has a certain appropriate minimum-skill-level to be used. So you might have to raise your skill-level first before being able to learn some of the guides that you have received them as quest-rewards. Also your general character-level might have to be raised through gaining experience before being able to learn (right-click) certain guides. You don't need to equip any special tools for crafting, only to gather materials.

Notes and listings:Edit

The early quests you will encounter in Hello Kitty Online will also tell you what raw material sources at what location you will have to harvest from to get the materials needed to craft items. Later on you will have to find out about all that yourself!

Better take samples from every raw material source you come by and take notes or use the Wiki to find your way faster ;)

You will not get all of the guides through quests, but will have to buy some from the Shops in the towns and cities of Sanrio Land. It's okay not to wait for quests but to buy guides right away if you like crafting; after getting the same guides as rewards for quests you can just sell them.

Please take a look at the Quests-overview to see what kind of guides you will be rewarded with after completing quests. You will have to buy the rest by yourself from different merchants on Sanrio Land.

Please also take a look at the articles about Forging, Carpentry, Cooking and Sewing to see all recipes/guides there are on Sanrio Land and what materials they require to be processed.

Crafting-guides dropped by creatures or plants:Edit

  • in the Beta of HKO creatures would drop crafting-guides when slain. You cannot kill any creatures in the HKO-version of today anymore; you can only put them to sleep
  • in the Dream Carnival creatures will rarely drop crafting-guides (only for items producible in the Dream Carnival itself!) when being defeated
  • in March 2010 Sanrio Digital stated in their news: "Special drops such as crafting guides and emoticons will be added into the game through a unique system that is in the pipeline." ( [1] )

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