The Coffee Shoppe Guild is a member guild with 39 members. It was created by **Ice_Mocha**, who is to this day the guild owner.

This guild participated in the Happy Hearts Event.

Members Edit

This guild currently has 39 members.

Leader/Owner Edit

**Ice_Mocha** (Level 20)

Regular Members Edit

  • Bunni (Level 19) - Rank3
  • Asifsys23 (Level ) - Rank
  • Lucious (Level ) - Rank
  • Belinda (Level ) - Rank
  • Yukie (Level ) - Rank
  • Kissabug (Level ) - Rank
  • Surgarbug (Level ) - Rank
  • Minties (Level ) - Rank

Mascot Edit

The guild mascot is Cinnamoroll.

Cinnamoroll7cutecute icons


Dp cn november05


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