HKO NPC Chococat02

HKO NPC Chococat01

You can find Chococat ingame in HKO in Florapolis next to Cho-cho's house when special events like Christmas are celebrated on Sanrio Land. Then you might get event-related quests from Chococat.

Choco was born on May 10th. He is a little boy cat with four whiskers, sometimes a little clumsy and also scatterbrained a bit. But his ultra-sensitive whisker antennas always tell him the latest news and other informations. His nose is chocolate-brown, hence his name.

Choco is often playing around his "Choco-choco-House", with his friends Cookiebow, Jellybeans, Nutz and the duckings called "Duckies". Sometimes you might be able to see Chococat portrayed in a brown-gray color or even pink with hat, bow and cane.

The character of Chococat was invented by Sanrio in 1996.

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