HKO NPC Chibimaru01

HKO NPC Chibimaru75

This very cute boy dog was born on February 2nd. He is friends with Mameta, Terikichi, Kuusuke and Chiwapyon. He is very actve, bouncy, cheeky and even a rascal of a dog.

Chibimaru lives in a house with a reed roof and admires Kuusuke, because this friend of his can sleep even when a thunderstorm is going about. This little curious "cheeky monkey" likes his favorite stuffed toys, milk, bones, but most of all bone-shaped milk cookies. Chibimaru also likes to take a walk through a glade of trees next to a stream

Chibimaru also enjoys lying in the bag of his owner and doing tricks for a hobby.

Family: Chibimaru is part of triplets - his siblings are called Chidi-Maru and Chifi-Maru.

Chibimaru was devised by Sanrio designers on February 2nd in 2003.

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