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A tip: you can buy sweat-free handles and polished sticks at the Material Merchant either in London or Paris with ingame-money.

Warning: A very material-heavy and slightly costly quest.

Given by: Bagel in Florapolis

Requires: 6 x Sweat-Free Handle and 10 x Polished Stick

Note: You must buy the Sweat-Free Handle book from the tools & equipment merchant if you haven't done so already.

1 x Sweat-Free Handle : 2 x Bolt of Light Cloth , 1 x Wooden Handle , 3 x Glue

1 x Polished Stick : 1 x Strong Ivory Wood , 2 x Slick Stones

These involve producing lots of other materials before you can get the actual item you need, so here is a list of all the raw materials you need and instructions.

Sweat-Free HandleEdit



  1. Produce 12 x Bolt of Simple Cloth with the 24 x Boxpig's Comfort and 12 x Pinbee's Frills
  2. Produce 15 x Bolt of Light Cloth with the 12 x Bolt of Simple Cloth and 15 x Chainworm's Bandages
  3. Produce 30 x Glue with the 60 x Slime and 60 x Sugar
  4. Produce 6 x Wooden Handle with the 12 x Short Rattan and 12 x Glue
  5. Produce 6 x Sweat-Free Handle with the 12 x Bolt of Light Cloth, 6 x Wooden Handle and 18 x Glue (there will be spare materials left over)

Polished StickEdit



  1. Produce 20 x Slick Stones with 20 x Gravel and 20 x Clean Spring Water
  2. Produce 10 x Polished Stick with 10 x Strong Ivory Wood and 20 x Slick Stones


HKO exp 500

Florapolis Friendship 20

Money 150

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