HKO map27 Beijing labeled

Beijing is a golden oriental city to the north-east of Paris. Again it shows some parallels to the real-world city Beijing and its town's landmarks.

You will be sent here by Lala (in the Pantheon in Paris) and also by Landry (outside of Paris) after completing most of the quests in and around Paris.

Now you will need to create the best tools yourself with no quests as a help! So you will also have to find out about all the sources of the materials needed for yourself by collecting resources at every raw material source you can yet stope from in all the areas around Beijing. You can buy the guides needed for those tools from the Tool-Shop. Please be patient, because you will only be able to craft one tool after another.


There may also be other NPCs on this map in time of events

  • Party Manager (will trade your collected event-items for stuff like event-outfits, seeds, guides and so on)


Connects toEdit




none, since it's a city


none, since it's a city

Notes and HintsEdit

After getting the guide to make the "Noise machine" (pink cat ear's radio guide) for waking up Ku-Suke you will also have to craft this item and then give it to Ku-Suke - even without being told specifically to do so. Otherwise you will not get any farther in the storyline...

At one point a quest will require you to find "The policeman". Even though there is a policeman in Beijing, he will not react. The correct Policeman needed for the quest is in North Wind Grassland.

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